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Pakistan. Trekking around 8000m peaks

Unlike prejudices and false information many many people have, the Pakistan that we met in 2019 is super safe, people/locals are very hospitable, friendly and super happy to meet tourist and enthusiasts of their country.

To get to the Karakorum, which is the Pakistani part of the Himalayas, we flew from Islamabad to Gilgit Baltistan, onto a very small plane that flies at around 4000m, basically in between 8000m peaks, giving us spectacular close up views of these mountain monsters.

Flight from Islamabad to Gilgit

In the days we spent in Baltistan, we managed to reach the Rakaposhi Base Camp, situated at 3300m, with a 1300m, 7 hours trek, starting from 2000m in Minapin until 3300, where we slept at the base of the mountain, which is just a nudge below 8000m (7800m). Huge!

Also, not too far from it, we visited Hunza (Karimabad), which is allegedly a place where people live the longest around this earth. Probably thanks to their fresh air, fruits and vegetable reach diet or to their relaxed and happy way of living. A beautiful town and region, lush green, at the base of 6 of the highest mountains of the world.

Lastly, as a gran finale, we reached the Fairy Meadows, not erroneously called this way, since these plains at 3300m altitude are among the most magic mountain places we have seen so far. We decided to spend there three nights, in a wooden accommodation built by local tribes with materials largely collected from around the village. But despite the 2 hours jeep road to get there and after the 2 hours trek to reach the village, every room is somehow at good standard of comfort!

From that village, with a 7h30mins round trip, we trekked up to the base camp of the Nanga Parbat (8100m), at an altitude of 3800m and majestic views over the beautiful valley that accompany the trek until the top.

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