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Wadi Rum, Jordan! A lush of colours and rock.

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Jordan is the gateway between the conservative Arab countries and the modern ones. In Wadi rum, even though the civilisation arrived with cars, roads, tourists, the people there do not live in dissimilar ways then their predecessors Beduins. The reach more comfortably places but they love their magic desert and mountains and the power of a comtemplative living.

We have been in 2019 in this amazing place with a group of friends, climbing enthusiasts and open minded people to spend a week of climbing and trekking.

Jordan Rock Climbing Expedition 2019

I can safely say that one time is not enough to fully enjoy Wadi Rum. Even though the landscapes that we have seen will remain behind my eyes all our lives, the urge to get back again into that beautiful place is not leaving us in peace!

Jordan, we will come back!

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