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Mont Blanc exile - 2.5 months in a dream

Everyone will remember the "LOCKDOWN" this year. And a common question is becoming, "where have you spent your lockdown"... Weird, isn't it?

Well, like many others, we spent it in our house, in Dubai... It was a tough month! Stressful, isolating, fearful, ...

But we did not want to have this year recognized for that, so we made a leap and relocated for the summer, 2 months and half, to Courmayeur, at the foot of Mont Blanc, the higher mountain of Europe!

This was a blessing for us!

Having the chance to spend 2.5 months in the middle of the amazing mountains, forests, glaciers, was an experience we will remember, probably more then the lockdown itself!

We manage to climb quite a few of the rock walls around there, trek most of the valleys, Touch many rivers and even complete by taking my daughter on a 6 hours trek on the glacier of the Mont Blanc.

It would be a Dream to be able to live all the summers like this!

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