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Nepal, in the heart of 8,000m peaks!

Going to Nepal is like going into the nucleus of the mountains itself. Here people are surrounded of mountains in every corner of the country. There is no chance to look anywhere without seeing one peak!

Few are the roads connecting the country from one side of another. See this below is one point of the "highway" connecting two main cities of Nepal (Kathmandu and Pokhara)

For the rest of the country, people have to develop ways to live in this hilly place with many of the few 8000m of the Himalaya chain.

Probably is this remoteness of the whole country, locked within walls of rocks, that develop this inner peace that people in Nepal are carrying along. Even in the poorest places and most adverse conditions you never find yourself endangered. Everyone will look at you, cheer you with the usual Namaste (I see the devine within you) and help you if needed.

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