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Ladak, India. The peace of the Himalaya!

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Easily reachable with a flight from Delhi to Leh (landing at 3,500m), Ladak is probably the easiest place to get to and be surrounded by the Hymalayas.

The place has been developed mainly by the Tibetans that escaped tibet in the various wars with China and settled down in this part of India, creating temples, cities and bringing their intense culture and history.

Even though this place is a debated territory between Pakistan and India, the predominant culture in the place is Tibetan, which can be seen in the architecture, the faces of the people and the food!

But it's after crossing for 12 hours the Himalaya mountain chain and getting back into Himachal Pradesh, where the the chaos of the civilisation of (India) begins. Here you realise how fairy was Ladakh, separated by mountain chains that preserve the peace and magic of that place.

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