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Oman, the ultimate Arabian climbing destination

We have lived for years in the United Arab Emirates which is confining with Oman and have been to Oman a number of times, driving all around the country, climbing and hiking!

It's one of the places with the most amazing landscapes I have encountered. The areas and the views are so vast and breathtaking!

You have mountain as high as 3000m, with many reaching 2000m. You can climb and trek all year round. Camping is the best and coolest way to get around as you can virtually camp everywhere, anytime. And I have had some of the most spectacular camping spots here ever.

With a 4x4, every place is easily accessible and camping becomes as easy as going to a hotel.

The rock quality is superbe and many of the places are still remote and relatively little climbed, although I must say, the areas are all well developed and the community of bolters and climbers is somehow active!

Oman Climbing Expedition 2017

In May 2017, I organised an Rock Climbing expedition with 20+ circa friends involved, coming from UAE, and Europe, crossing the country in 10 days, climbing in 7 different sites and camping everyday in a different spot.

Check the video below!

But Oman has an hidden pearl waiting for people to come and visit, which is called Selalah. It's a region, southmost of the country that during summer turns into a lush green believable place, with rivers, waterfalls and forests!

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