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Monte Grona, where Sofia decided to join this world

When Debora and I decided hike on 1st of January 2010, it was a sunny and clear day, one of those where you want to get up high to enjoy the best view that you can.

We reach reach the mountain hut (Rifugio Menaggio) and decide to sleep there for the night, to enjoy a beautiful night there and sunrise in the morning.

The day after we decide to reach the top of a nearby mountain, Monte Grona.

We walked most of the day on very safe tracks until a stormy wind picked up and washed out completely all the prints, leaving only very slippery ice.

That's when Debora slipped away and rolled down the hill for a good 100m until disappearing behind a cliff.

Running behind here without considering the risk that I was also taking, I reach the point where she vanished and discovered an old froze avalance that had stopped her from rolling down further. She was still alive with olny one foot broken.

She had been lucky. But maybe that wasn't just luck but the chance of life that she has given, she had to give it back to the world.

Few days later she would be pregnant...

...One Year after, on the same of the accident, we decided to go there, when Sofia was 2 months old, to celebrate the place together and sleep in the same hut.

On the way to the mountain hut, one year after

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