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Dubai Rock Climbing!? Yes, nearby!

Updated: May 6, 2021

Who would have thought that nearby Dubai there are crags for rock climbing? And without needing to cross any border, but within the permieter of UAE nation!

It is actually the case!

This picture here is one of the beautiful limestone rock formations that one can find at less then 2 hours drive from Dubai.

There are in fact many places like, pretty much all concentrated around the city of Ras Al Kaimah (the north-most emirate of UAE).

Nonetheless, RAK (the city's nickname) hosts Jebel Jais, the highsest mountain in the north of the Arab Peninsula, reaching 2000m (and believe it or not, few days a year, some crystals of snow are falling here also!)

Here are two great resources to find all climbing spots in UAE:

So yes, Dubai is surrounded by a huge desert, which is what everyone remembers, but it's rich of nearby mountains with lots of places yup climb.

It is this combination of huge buildings, sea, desert and mountains that makes this place so unique!

So, next time you think Dubai is about desert and luxurious resort, think twice and check this out!

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